How can I not be delighted by this?

Writing often feels like working in a vacuum. Believe me, feedback from real readers – positive or negative – makes a huge difference.

How can I not savor a review like this by Girlpower at Amazon:

You’ll enjoy reading all of Jnana’s books, you won’t be disappointed.

Her reaction to Daffodil Uprising continues:

Jnana draws me back into the counterculture past we have in common. The book flows and takes you back into everything hippie during the seventies where most of the baby boomers found themselves. It was an exciting time, a revolution, fueled by peace and love, we were very different than our fathers and mothers.

His characters are people who reminded me of friends during that time. We experimented with drugs, and had more than one partner but it was an empowering time for women. Our fathers were of the silent generation who kept their heads down, we were no longer. We allowed ourselves the time to have a little fun. [It was also] the birth of organic food, which is now coming to bear fruit. The progressive generation gave birth to many of the things today that started back during those days.”

She turns to Kenzie’s days at Daffodil University, where he finds his bearings and has more than a few relationships and that unique casual sex that lived for itself and asked for nothing more.

Jnana in his free-flowing style gets down to it, explaining relationships. Kenzie got caught up in an affair with a woman who’s cheating …It took me back in time on a magic carpet ride. … Many generations are interested in how the hippie generation lived back then.

The making of a hippie

Available at the Apple Store, Barnes & Noble’s NookScribdSmashwords, Sony’s Kobo, and other fine ebook retailer and at Amazon in both Kindle and paperback.

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