Our first significant snow of the season

Since the ground isn’t frozen, this will melt off quickly. But it’s what greeted us when we woke up this morning.

Someone had already been out walking the dog.


Our neighbor doesn’t pick her semi-wild apples but leaves them for the deer. At the moment, they look like ornaments.

My first exposure to a winter of heavy snowfall started off the day after Thanksgiving and continued, with one melting around Groundhog Day, until nearly Palm Sunday. That was Upstate New York, with around 130 inches of snow total.

The stories I could tell since!

4 thoughts on “Our first significant snow of the season

    1. It did get us in the holiday spirit. We even trekked down to the crafts fair at the arts center, which had a two-hour delay, and then had hot mulled cider at the brew pub overlooking the harbor. We’re expecting more overnight and into tomorrow.

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