Moving on in your life, hopefully to something better

In my novel What’s Left, Cassia’s father is from Davenport, Iowa. Maybe via Tibet, in a way. And later, Cassia makes her own move.

What’s your biggest relocation been from your own hometown?


Gyro with fries. Cassia’s father is a vegetarian when he arrives in the family, but you can be sure he never ate this before then. I prefer my fries on the side, rather than in the wrap, but it is an option.

2 thoughts on “Moving on in your life, hopefully to something better

  1. The fries look delicious! My biggest move was the three years I spent in Okinawa, Japan while serving in the Navy. It was quite a long way, considering I came from a tiny village in upstate New York.

    1. My wife and I have found that French fries can often be a solid indicator of a restaurant’s quality. The best ones hit multiple sense buttons, rather than just a one-note filler.
      You must have discovered some wonderful foods in Japan.

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