More random notes in no particular order

  1. If you’re wearing a backpack, thank a hippie.
  2. The blues singer Mills Amoskeag. OK, it’s an inside joke, should I ever play it.
  3. If you’re puzzled by your parents’ or grandparents’ generation, you’re not alone. Many of us who were part of it are still puzzled, too.
  4. Prime foliage is when the red kicks in
  5. A trailblazer is not a trend follower.
  6. Should she play her cards right? One teacher, no doubt primed for the pinnacle somewhere.
  7. Island life has limits, they’re part of the appeal.
  8. No doubt way outdated data: The average American woman has had two sexual partners, lifetime, including spouse. Male, six, including spouse. Means a lot of people aren’t getting any.
  9. Note the phrase: In relationship.
  10. Do you believe in fate? Have you lived with a sense of destiny?

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