The perfect tomato

If you’re going for taste over looks, the heirloom Goldie is as heavenly as it gets in a tomato. I prefer mine in a sandwich lathered in mayo and Old Bay seasoning, skipping the bacon and lettuce. One slice is the width of the bread. It’s worth waiting all year for these to kick in.

2 thoughts on “The perfect tomato

  1. This tomato looks amazing! Where do you get your heirloom plants? Do you start them from seed? I live in Northern New York on the St.Lawrence River. Recently we lost our only 2 nurseries in Ogdensburg that carried heirlooms. Now all we have is Lowe’s. I love your posts. I love Maine. We were supposed to travel to the coast, but time got away from us and now we are going to be busy right up until November. Oh well, there’s always next year. And of course, your posts to read on all things Maine!

    1. We start ours from seed ordered from Fedco here in Maine. The one in the photo is from last year, and Dover, where the nights are warmer than they are Downeast. (As you were saying about time getting away from us? I do run behind, especially when I’m immersed in a major writing project, as I am these days. Nobody around here has much success with tomatoes, but our lettuce hasn’t bolted all summer. I’ll likely get into all that in the posts next summer. As you were saying about there’s always next year? Indeed!)

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