Qualities I most like in a woman

In no particular order:

  1. Sensuality.
  2. Unconventional beauty. Think of waking up and opening your eyes in the morning and this is the first thing you see.
  3. Grace.
  4. Playfulness. Which I also sense as a dimension of creativity, which enlivens me.
  5. Scent.
  6. Intelligence. Extending to curiosity and an artistic awareness, in my mind.
  7. Understanding.
  8. Cleanliness.
  9. Self-control.
  10. Peacefulness.


Well, that’s what’s first coming to mind …

As for you?


4 thoughts on “Qualities I most like in a woman

  1. In men I look for a sense of humour, kindness, intelligence, musicality, tall, lean frame, clean, non-smoker, spiritual sensibility, dark eyes, good skin.

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