Packing it in to move on

We were reluctant to start packing up our final goods from the house until the new couple passed through their final checkpoint in the home-purchase process. You know, just in case we had to show the place again to a fresh round of bidders.

What it’s meant was less than a week to box or wrap all that remains and haul it off somewhere.

We had already done a ton of packing and purging to make the rooms look presentable, but we wanted to leave enough to make it look cozy and livable. So that part’s done.

I’m a big believer in having uniformly sized boxes in a big move. They stack much more easily, for one thing.

Seeing those shelves empty of books does look strange. I’d forgotten how heavy they are in a box, too.

There’s no way it will all fit in our new Downeast address, especially before our anticipated renovations are completed, so we’re putting some in two storage units, in effect buying some time for some serious culling. More is going off to our daughter’s already stuffed barn in York, to come up later.

It gets emotional, of course. I’m surprised how much responsibility I feel toward the books I’ve read, and their authors. And then there’s my vinyl collection.

Of course, that’s only my tip of the proverbial iceberg. Take the kitchen and garden goods, especially.

Sometimes I used to joke that I couldn’t understand how people lived without a barn to hold all the overflow. Only now it’s not the least bit funny. Seriously, folks.

10 thoughts on “Packing it in to move on

  1. It will take you a while. It is understandable because we attach memories to things, but you will get there, to a point where you feel comfortable with your selections; in a way, these will frame and enhance your new life. I am still fine tuning stuff, and living with less every year.

    1. I’m OK with my stuff. My wife has more to deal with, as does my daughter, who got all of this rolling. In the end, I look at this as a matter of faith. A year ago, I would not have thought I’d be living here at the easternmost fringe of the US rather than in New Hampshire.

      1. Ha, no. But I tried to put some stuff in storage at a relative’s. No luck, so I had to drag it all with me. My former place doubled as a storage unit, because I couldn’t afford one. LOL. Have fun emptying your unit! Are you having a big yard sale?

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