People of today I admire

OK, I’m counting couples as one here. And I’m excluding some nominees I celebrated earlier in the year in my ten fine couples list. Here goes:

  1. The Obamas, of course.
  2. And my wife and daughters and the two guys they bring into my life. Natchurally. Think of this as a team.
  3. Noah Merrill, the ever patient and faithful field secretary of New England Yearly Meeting of Friends.
  4. Brown Letham, energetic painter and activist and father of one very fine author.
  5. Jim and Eden Grace, holy peaceniks on a global scale.
  6. Timothy and Nijmeh Curren, Orthodox priest and presbvtera.
  7. George and Althea Coussoule, welcoming stalwarts of Dover’s Greek community.
  8. Sherry Wood. See my dedication in Hometown News.
  9. Jay O’Hara, free-Gospel minister and Quaker activist.
  10. Gary Snyder, American poet and Zen Buddhist.


So what if this adds up to more than ten individuals in all?

Who’s high on your own list?

10 thoughts on “People of today I admire

  1. Here’s MY list of Admirees… (those that I admire)

    Uh… the Obamas, of course.

    Anyone who thinks the Kardashians should be preserved in pickle jars.

    Children…kids are wiser by far than most grownups.

    The opossum. the raccoon, and the 3-legged anti-social cat (Barbara) that visit my deck.

    People who speak the truth, even if I don’t agree with them.

    I always have admired Laura Bush… always so calm and unruffled. (I always wonder where I can get some of whatever she’s taking. 😉

    I do not admire Megan McCain. (I remember why every time I see or hear her.)

  2. Why are the possum, raccoon, and Barbara on my Admire list? Because they trust me, are not afraid of me, and all I do to them is throw them an old roll or something … and never harass them.

      1. Nowadays there is no such thing as an “old roll.” Elderly bread just stays soft and spongy until it eventually turns green overnight.

      2. Store bought bread stuffs have insane shelf lives any more. It can go from slightly green to full-color mold overnight….and still be super soft. Yuck.

  3. I discovered (decades later) the key to attracting young guys….peanut butter and crackers from a filing cabinet snack drawer. As a TA I helped stave of starvation among grad students. The equivalent of an old roll to a possum perhaps?

      1. everything is a tendril to me… haha. I decided to unearth my novel, which may actually see the light of day yet. It all flooded out of my brain into story idea. Long story.

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