Family honor means something

In my novel What’s Left the family-owned restaurant is a local institution, one set at the edge of campus even before her grandparents and their siblings took over and made it distinctly their own. Everybody in town seems to know them.

Have you ever been recognized because of something your parents or grandparents did?


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The paperback cover …

2 thoughts on “Family honor means something

  1. When I was a kid, the road where our home was located did not have a name, or the houses their numbers, so we always used a post office box. It wasn’t into much later that the road was named after a well known very large family in the area, and the homes given their numbers. However, when somebody was looking for someone, they used to refer to the people who lived nearby, as markers, including my grandmother and grandfather, and every time the person arrived at the right site. That was when people knew each other, talked, visited each other, and took care of their communities. It took many years, decades, for that road to get a name, I guess because the needs were met fine the way it was, although I remember someone asking me for my address to send flowers, and well, you can imagine how that went. Anyhow, your post brought me many sweet memories.

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