Working all hours, for starters

Here’s something I’ve pondered in revising my big novel What’s Left:

Does the restaurant business essentially operate at the fringe of normal society? Or do weird characters naturally gravitate toward jobs there?

If you’ve ever worked in a commercial food operation, what’s you most telling impression?


What a tradition!

6 thoughts on “Working all hours, for starters

  1. It’s getting pretty…conformist, from my more recent experience with food service. I’m not talking about the kind of necessary conformity that revolves around proper kitchen sanitation procedures and food temps and not being tempted by the “five-second rule”. I’m talking about the people from corporate that show up with timers and issue (or dock) you points if you digress from the standard script you have to memorize and the company won’t even fire you, but just reduce your hours so that you, a single parent for example, are forced to quit, and try to find a job where they all ask you “have you ever quit a job” and you lie for another job that you have to follow the script.

    But, I think it used to be a good place for ADHD misfits like me. Once upon a time. But I don’t think that’s the case in a lot of restaurants these days. I’m glad I’m not in food service anymore.

  2. One of my guitar playing friends has worked as a waiter at a few mom and pop cafes. The staffs have been comprised of fellow musicians, artistic types, and single parents. The types of employees depend upon which town the restaurant is located.

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