Still trying to make sense of this

Random notes in no particular order:

  1. A neighborhood can be a community of peace or of conflict. Either one is layered with opportunity for faith.
  2. Some say I approach life as a mystic.
  3. Silence can be overwhelming; no wonder it is widely avoided!
  4. Right now, it would be a job rather than service.
  5. I’ve preferred to ride Lone Ranger rather than fly with the team in coach.
  6. Great line from M.W. Jacobs’ San Fran ’60s: “It was only later amid the flashing chrome and rumble-clatter of the subway that I realized my accomplishment.” Remember, I love the underground rails and have written a novel set there.
  7. Visions of your lover as God, where you’re only a passing sacrifice.
  8. Eastport Convention. Like maybe a rock band from Maine?
  9. Nola, a possible character appellation.
  10. Presidents as first names … Grant, Clinton, Carter, Lincoln, Madison, Roosevelt etc.

2 thoughts on “Still trying to make sense of this

  1. A neighbourhood was once a place where people greeted and mistreated. Now there are very few interactions, highrise single structure can be classified as an entire neighbourhood. We live densely in isolation, in units stacked up vertically. Inside the unit, each member has a room where they spent 90% of their time. If wifi goes, then you meet your family and think they are nice folks 🙂

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