Computer counsel

Shoulders Back

Head Stretching Toward a Feather Overhead

Don’t Cross Feet or Legs While Sitting at the Terminal

Mind Your Wrists


Or should that be, Mind Your Wits?

15 thoughts on “Computer counsel

      1. My grandfather had a collection of canes. He was injured when my Dad was 5, an used a cane all of his life. I was very impressed…I think people had given him canes over the years. I have no idea how many he had. My kids made some really cool walking-sticks for everyone this christmas out of thick branches from trees…simple but very effective. They put cane tips on the bottoms, and a wrist/strap at the top. Grandpa kept a cane holder, which had originally been an elephant’s foot. Very cool, except for the elephant I guess.

      2. Well, I love my red metal cane, especially after standing for three hours yesterday waiting for my turn to get my covid-19 vaccine. I doubt that I could have stood near as long otherwise. I went to a health dept. clinic instead of anguishing over trying to make an appointment elsewhere. There were hundreds of people in line. I always find people vastly interesting enmasse like that. There was only one guy I think jumped the line…very slick. (I would be cautious about cutting in line among hundreds of people armed with canes and walkers.) 😉

      3. Great advice. The British, I’ve heard, also use their umbrellas as self-defense weapons. I’ll try to remember to have one or a cane when I get my vaccinations!

      4. The cane helped me stand up for those hours. There were the occasional chairs, but most of us apparently decided to tough it out. I actually enjoy watching people in settings like that. I think its the writer in me.

      1. I think we’re just supposed to imagine one there. Of, course, for those who are really enterprising, they can tape a string from the ceiling and tape a feather to that.

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