Let’s get back to addressing some really big social problems

Had enough with boogie men spooking us? The last four years have only let the really big issues fester. Here are some top items that need our full attention now. All of us.

  1. Ending systemic racism in society and its underlying assumption of white superiority.
  2. Climate change. It’s real and worsening.
  3. The environment and energy. We were making progress, weren’t we? Clean air and water should belong to all, not the corporate polluters.
  4. Curbing the undue influence of political lobbyists and PAC funds. Yes, Citizens United, too.
  5. The gross imbalance of wealth in America and the demise of the middle class. Progressive tax rates could provide for many services such as health care and education – now borne privately, largely by the lower brackets – to instead be provided across the board.
  6. Also, reviving Social Security. Taxing excessive incomes at the full rate would be a start.
  7. Redress the changing realities of labor, compensation, community, and commonwealth. In short, who benefits when computerization takes over? It’s a much bigger issue than simply raising the minimum wage.
  8. Abolish the Electoral College and voter repression. Under the current system, a shade over 25 percent of the total votes – meaning a bare majority in just 12 states – could elect the president. The majority of the nation’s voters lost their voice in three recent presidential elections, with Republicans given the office. It’s still an attack on democracy and the people.
  9. Health system reforms. Obamacare was a start, but much more needs to be done, including mental health systems and, as we’ve seen with Covid-19, pandemic planning.
  10. Education systems have also gone largely unchecked. Student loan debt is a serious burden on their lives and our economy, just for starters.

Yes, we really can get the upper hand here, if we join together. But the damage has been deep and need time to repair.


What would you add to the list?

6 thoughts on “Let’s get back to addressing some really big social problems

  1. As a Canadian I think the Electoral College is silly, something created by your founders who were trying to reject anything British, throwing out the good as well as the bad. But I wouldn’t be so quick to replace it. Bottom line is, it works.

    Yes, sometimes it means your president doesn’t receive a majority of votes cast, but that might teach them humility. There’s also something to be said for the inherent checks in the system, forcing candidates to address national issues rather than pandering to voters in the three or four most populous states.

    The bigger need is campaign financing reform. Canada seems to get by nicely with zero corporate donations and a $1,500 annual cap on personal donations. The US could do it too, but there isn’t the political (or social) will to see change and a truer democracy.

  2. Student loan debt is a nonissue. Even if it was, people who take on the responsibility of that financial burden have no right to force the rest of us to pay for it.

  3. Point #5 is irrelevant. Outside of that which is necessary to fund the government, neither the government nor anybody who asks for handouts has any right to the money of hardworking families.

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