Ten categories I’ve collected

  1. Fossils and rocks.
  2. Butterflies and beetles.
  3. Classical LPs.
  4. And then tapes and CDs.
  5. Paper clips. The colorful ones.
  6. Concert programs. Add to that theater, opera, ballet playbills.
  7. Books by the ton.
  8. Correspondence and rejection slips.
  9. Welcome brochures from visits to Quaker meetinghouses.
  10. Tearsheets and clippings … graphics.


What about you?

3 thoughts on “Ten categories I’ve collected

      1. Four 1930s. The monkeys I keep in my bedroom as part of the décor. My collections are not big on purpose. I keep them small. I call them collections because some of these are not useful items, except for the copper items which I use in the kitchen and candleholders … that I actually use. At one point I collected all kinds of copper items, but got rid (sold) the non useful items and left only the ones I could use. The pens and pencils I also use, and the office stuff as well. The books I read, and hold on to the precious old ones.

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