We’re still questing for a most elusive sauvignon blanc

A few more years ago than I’d like to admit, we were enjoying a special dinner in Portland, Maine, where our waitperson recommended a bottle of wine to accompany our dishes. We trusted her enthusiasm and agreed to go a few dollars higher than our usual ceiling.

It was well worth it and, as we learned later, the restaurant was pricing the bottle at retail rather than the usual three- or four-times any store tag. More points.

We took one sip and knew this was like no other white wine we’d had before – or, for that matter, since, not even from the same winery. It must have been a superfine vintage. It had an edge we could only describe as stony – something crisp, clear, sharp. And it did, indeed, enhance our five-star experience.

Trying to find that edge again has become something of an ongoing challenge. We’ve had some fine sauvignon blanc bottles since, but the holy grail remains a quest.


9 thoughts on “We’re still questing for a most elusive sauvignon blanc

  1. Have you ever tried white Sangria (not the red)? The words you used to describe it reminded me of it, but not sure about stony, and I would say sharp sweet. Maybe not as fine, but delicious. Oh, and preferably from a Portuguese restaurant because the ones you buy in the supermarket or liquor store don’t taste the same.

    1. We make our own sangria. And we have a fondness for Portuguese vino verde, which is readily available in New England. You’re right about the taste of the most common brands, but we find others that are quite delightful.
      My wife used to have a source that brought bottles back from Spain, which sharpened her appreciation.

  2. I admit I’m probably biased, but Aotearoa New Zealand makes the world’s best Sauvignon Blancs – especially those from the Marlborough region. A few from that region can be seen here.

    And a tip for those who buy wine to drink at home: Rest it for a month or more at a cool, constant temperature, out of light, before drinking it. It does make a difference from our experience.

    1. New Zealand does make some of the best we’ve had. We are on a limited budget, though, and that’s admittedly limited our exploration.
      I just searched online, and can’t find this available here in New Hampshire or, for that matter, in the USA.
      But thanks for the heads-up. And bottles-up tip.

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