IKEA, where small is stylish

The Swedish retailer of low-cost home furnishings, appliances, cookware, and the like is a magnet for folks trying to make the most of tight spaces like apartments. Say a challenge like a 400-square-foot apartment.

Even if you have an old five-bedroom home like ours, the interiors can be challenging. IKEA has frequently come to our rescue. Yes, some assembly is usually required, and I can attest it’s not always idiot proof, but overall, we’ve been pleased with the results.

The closest IKEA superstore to us is located south of Boston, and since deliveries aren’t cheap, it’s worth the four-hour round-trip, even if you get lost inside once you’re there, as I have. The cafeteria, by the way, is quite the bargain.

Are you one of those intrigued by the small-scale living space displays in the IKEA superstores?

What’s your experience been?

3 thoughts on “IKEA, where small is stylish

  1. My spouse and I are huge IKEA fans. It helps that there’s one about 20 minutes away from our home, I suppose. Our living room is furnished almost entirely in their stuff, and in my office is a 16-hole bookcase that holds most of my stuff. I like their philosophy. And while my Spouse would object, I would have no problem living in one of the 400-600 sq ft apartment models they show.

    Except during a pandemic. Under pandemic conditions, even our house seems small, and we must escape to walk or ride.

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