What we’re looking for in a potential nominee

Each presidential primary season, I’m amazed by the number of people who file to run in the New Hampshire race even though they have little or no political experience. Yes, we have them again this leap year.

They have no hope of winning or usually even adding anything useful to the conversation.

Even among the serious candidates, I’ve come to see that having good ideas is not enough to make for a viable president. A commanding presence, leadership skills (including an ability to listen and accept critical positions from your inner circle), and effective organization are also essential. Quite simply, is this someone with traction as a nominee?

Political experience is also crucial. Directing a major corporation is not the same as managing a public enterprise. Some states and cities have budgets and work forces rivaling big businesses, but the dynamics are quite different. I do wish some of the billionaire candidates, hopeful as they are, had chosen to run for a governorship or Congress first, get their feet wet and learned through OJT.

So here we are, shaking things out.

One thought on “What we’re looking for in a potential nominee

  1. The word that seems to be so often forgotten in the list of desirable presidential traits is integrity.

    I’m not a fan of the American system of selecting a leader – it seems to have devolved into a contest to see which of the shallow choices can outlast the others. Ideas and policies and the common weal appear to be antiquated relics from a bygone era.

    From where I sit, none of the Democratic hopefuls seem up to the job. Which is a shame.

    Not that it makes any difference. It seems to me the Democrats are trying hard to re-fight the 2016 election. I expect that will work as well this year as it did then.

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