Ten sets of wheels in my life

  1. My 2002 Camry. Coming up on 300,000 miles on the odometer.
  2. My wife’s 2013 Prius.
  3. Her Saturn before that.
  4. My Plymouth Neon.
  5. My VW Fox, a two-door wagon.
  6. My 1600 model BMW coupe. Oh, the memories!
  7. The company car, a Chevy Impala. Burgundy.
  8. My Subaru, when they were first being imported into the States.
  9. VW Bug. Classic memories. Anyone else ever pop the clutch to get started?
  10. A ’66 Buick Skylark, purchased from my dad.


So what are you driving. And what’s been your favorite?


Nothing I’ve ever owned. This Pontiac convertible got a lot of attention in mid-coast Maine. Look at this as inspiration.

5 thoughts on “Ten sets of wheels in my life

  1. Oh yes, I popped the clutch on my VW bug. My most memorable car was my first. My parents surprised me at Christmastime with a cracker-jack-box on wheels. It was an old Fiat. I’ve never seen another one like it in my life and cannot imagine where my dad got it. We lived in a town that didn’t have school buses, and my mom was tired of taking us to school every morning and picking us up in the afternoons. They got me the car so I could drive myself and my brother to school. The car doors froze shut in the winter. The windshield wipers never worked right. Whenever I drove over a bump, the little fuses would pop out of the fuse box that was located under the dash. Luckily I didn’t have far to drive to get us to school and back.

      1. And what is wrong with a Citroen may I ask? I was the proud owner of a
        U.K. assembled Citroen ID19 way back in the early 1970s. It is still the car I have fondest memories of. I would have kept it much longer, but I got married and my wife wanted to learn to drive. There was no way that was going to happen in the Citroen as she barely made 4’10” (slightly less today) and when sitting on the front bench seat, her feet didn’t reach the floor, much less the accelerator, brake and clutch. So we traded it in for a little, almost new, Sunbeam Imp.

      2. I had a cranky elder friend who specialized in repairing them. He liked working on French cars because, he said, they did everything backwards. Bolts had to be turned the opposite direction, that sort of thing.
        And another friend lost his when a coupling on the fuel line came lose on a freeway and his engine caught fire. He pulled over in time and escaped.
        I know nothing about Sunbeam Imps, but it sounds like you have a great list of your own!

  2. As an update on that friend whose Citroen caught fire — last night he spent an hour telling me why it was his favorite car, starting with the affection many of us have for our first set of wheels. His had been his father’s and was the one he learned to drive with before it became his. He loved the many quirky characteristics it had, from the single-spoke steering wheel to the suspension that would raise the vehicle when you started it to the fact that turning the key did not start the car, you had to push a separate button. We were on our way to Boston, and his tales had us both laughing for miles.

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