What’s gonna be happenin’ here this year

Across town from this red barn, when I sit in the 250-year-old Quaker meetinghouse, the ancient Regulator clock ticks away. It irritates some worshipers and comforts others.

I know the timepiece wasn’t part of the original décor. Likely arrived a hundred or more years later. The classic Regulator, with its eight-day run on a single winding, came along with the railroads as one way of getting everyone on the same time to match the trains’ timetables. No more guessing, I guess. These days, our instrument gains about eight minutes a day. But it’s also on its last legs … or hands, ahem. The clock repairers have told us that much.

There’s something fitting about an old clock marking time now. Its heartbeat, so rooted in the past, has an air of eternity along with the flash of the passing present.

Hard as it is for me to believe, the Red Barn is entering its eighth year, and each one has been somewhat different. Last year, for instance, the focus shifted to my newly released novel, What’s Left, and some of that emphasis will continue through the year coming. That volume has become central to the series that originally proceeded it, and as a result of recent revisions, those books have now been thoroughly reworked to more fully embody the new perspectives.

As a result, we’ll also be reflecting the releases of two more of those novels this year, plus another thoroughly revised tale involving yoga.

With these publications, I’m feeling the satisfaction of having accomplished a standard I long believed was within my reach. I hope readers will feel similar pleasure in their pages.


Jnana’s Red Barn is the flagship of my related WordPress blogs, which are also gearing up for the new year.

Thistle/Flinch, my personal small-press operation, will keep the name in its address even as the imprint itself goes to the originally planned Thistle/Finch moniker, after the golden songbird – just for the L of it, as a punster might say. (It might be confusing, I know, but it beats changing the URL altogether.)

Its pace of releases will step up to one a week, including photo albums and printable broadsides.

The new direction will also reissue many of the earlier collections in much shortened, easier-to-handle formats. A full-length collection may be great when you’re buying a paper edition, but it’s just too clumsy, I think, in a PDF file.

Chicken Farmer I Still Love You, meanwhile, will be recasting its Talking Money series, this time keeping each post short, sweet, and more tightly focused for individual reflection. These useful exercises in addressing personal finances are timeless, ready for a new generation to apply their wisdom.

As Light Is Sown will also be in an encore mode as it repeats its Daybook of inspiration that originally ran in 2014.

Take a look at them all!

I hope they add pleasure and value to your new year.

4 thoughts on “What’s gonna be happenin’ here this year

  1. For those of you who, like me, view this page via the WordPress reader in a browser or an app, and wonder where the links to the other blogs are, you’ll need to go to https://jnanahodson.net where you’ll find them in the right hand sidebar on larger screens, and at the bottom of the Web page on smaller screens.

      1. It looks like you overlooked embedding the links into the blog post, so there was nothing to click on. Just remember to include the links in the body of the post.

        There are two types of WordPress reader but essentially they do the same thing, and that is strip off everything that is related to your WordPress theme, leaving a bare bones layout.

        I find it most convenient to use the reader because all the blog I follow are in one place, with title and the first few lines of each article. It’s just a matter of clicking on each summary to view the entire post.

        However, everything to do with your WordPress theme is stripped off, so in your case, that sidebar is removed. It wasn’t until I clicked on the “Visit Site” link at the tip of the page and visited your actual website that I discovered the sidebar with the “Other Blogs”, “archives”, “Categories” and “Tags” sections.

        The reason I prefer using the reader over visiting each actual blog website, is for the convenience, but also because some themes tend to assault my autistic senses, although I must say that the theme you have chosen is pleasantly comfortable.

      2. I’ve come to rely on the Visit Site tab when perusing the Reader.
        Must say I prefer the older reader, which gave us a bigger view of the sample.
        You do have me wondering about those who find these posts on other platforms and just how much is left. Via Facebook, for instance, or even on their cellphones.

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