I suppose I need to issue a spoiler alert. I cut this from later revisions of my new novel, What’s Left, since it felt redundant:

To be honest, most of my memories of Dimitri and Graham are fuzzy. Remember, I was little at the time.

Curiously, I have more early memories of Graham than of Dimitri. He was very gentle and knew how to play along. He would have made a great preschool teacher, I think.


Some of you will have vivid early-childhood memories, while for others, these will be a fog, at best.

I’ll be candid, I have few early memories of relatives when I was little. Who stands out most for you in your own family?


Koulourakia, melomakarona, kourambiethes, and kourambedes by Andrea Wright via Wikimedia Commons.

In the family, Cassia may have had sweets like these.


  1. My mother’s mother stands out the most. She baked a LOT, wonderful sweets, and I was not allowed to have sugar at home for the most part 🙂 She did her best to make up for what she felt was silliness on my parents’ part. Next would be my father’s grandmother, who, fighting against the white bread restriction in my household, told them I cried in my sleep for white bread, lol. (I’m pretty sure that I didn’t do that) And lastly, my mother’s father, who had mad fire-making skills, and fried wonderful fish over an open fire outdoors often. Food is a prevelant there theme there, eh?

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