1. Too many days are too hot and too humid. I hate running air conditioning.
  2. Flies and mosquitoes.
  3. Lethargy.
  4. Everything’s sticky.
  5. Mowing the lawn. I’m drenching in sweat all too quickly.
  6. Tourists flock in. Means we stay away from the Maine Turnpike on weekends and the Kittery Outlets altogether. Route 16 to our north can be a parking lot, especially in Conway.
  7. Our water bill from irrigating the garden.
  8. The loft of the barn is a useless oven.
  9. The weeds are winning.
  10. The Sox are probably in a slump. And if they’re not, we’re jittery. We have good reason to be superstitious.


What displeases you at the moment?


Japanese honeysuckle. Its runners can grow almost 30 feet a year, and once it’s in place, it can become a very thick knot. Yuck!


  1. Rain almost every day, and when it isn’t raining it’s 90 degrees with 85% humidity. Bugs everywhere, making my daily walk very unpleasant. Tourists in our area, too. They come to spend weekends in the nearby tourist town, which we avoid like the plague.

    1. Yeah, but that didn’t keep real fans from getting nervous. Remember, there’s a long history of getting hopes up and then being dashed. We call it reality hitting.
      Now, of course, we have that matter of all the rising talent that got traded away in assembling this championship team.
      It’s a most interesting place to be a sport fan, especially with New York just down the road.

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