As Cassia reconstructs the household when her father-to-be first shows up, she sees multiple currents in motion.

As she observed in an earlier version of my new novel, What’s Left:

Dimitri’s primarily about family duty. Too many have worked too hard to get us here. For Barney, that’s steam and splatter and sudsy sinks. Tito and Manoula are essentially on hold, preparing for their own futures – college for her, law school for him.


In another version of the story, Tito and Manoula’s futures could have been thwarted at this point. Dimitri may have required their help in the restaurant and real estate ventures.

Something similar happened with my grandfather, whose classroom education ended at elementary school because he was needed on the farm. Later, though, he did learn the plumbing trade from his two older brothers.

With Cassia’s family, though, they were agreed on a plan. They all worked together to assure it.

What’s your No. 1 goal these days? What support do you need? How are you arranging it?


Ring dancing at Greek Fest, New Orleans. (Photo by Infrogmation via Wikimedia Commons.)

Cassia’s roots included inspiration like this.

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