I’ve never been a clothes horse, in part because I could rarely get anything that really fit. Let’s say the awareness has come long after childhood. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Wool socks.
  2. My big green terrycloth robe.
  3. My stack of sweaters.
  4. Hawaiian shirts.
  5. Banded collar shirts.
  6. My three custom-cut Jos. Banks suits, back when I was with the newspaper syndicate. Not that they would fit me anymore.
  7. Bell bottoms, back in the day.
  8. And Levi’s, which actually came in my size. Though now I’ve moved on into slacks having more pockets.
  9. Converse sneakers, at least until the fascia plantar kicked in.
  10. Turtlenecks, now that I’ve retired.


So what’s your own favorite attire?

Pussy willows … harbingers of spring.

Of course, this is totally unrelated to the theme. Just another thing on my mind.



    1. This shift in retirement clothing could be a post all its own. I rarely wear an oxford shirt anymore Rather turtlenecks or, in season, Hawaiian shirts. And I’ve shifted from blue jeans to cargo pants.

  1. I tend to prefer dresses. My ideal piece of clothing would be an ankle-length royal blue dress in a comfortable (but stylish) fabric with a boat neck and pockets! (The pockets are important. So many items of clothing for ladies are made without them!)

    1. Yes, pockets! Nowadays, cell phones, eyeglasses, a wallet, keys, handkerchief, a med I’m to have a hand at all times … these days I’m having to carry a messenger bag instead.

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