1. I’m married to a most attractive and fascinating woman – even if she’s smarter than me.
  2. We’ve settled in a good place, with good friends. Survived to get here.
  3. Our two kids are way, way above average – and we’ve never had to post bail for either of them.
  4. I’m not trailing an oxygen tank or using a walker.
  5. I have a prodigious amount of literary writing to my credit. I’m actually proud of most of – I’ve written what I want.
  6. After a remarkable life journey, I have perspectives that sometimes feel like wisdom.
  7. My spiritual practice keeps deepening.
  8. I haven’t run out of great things to read.
  9. I’ve never sung better, and maybe the same can be said for my dancing – New England contras and traditional Greek. Never knew about either of them as a young man.
  10. Somehow, we’re able to pay our bills. Most of the time.


What do you like about being the age you are?


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  1. At 68 going on 28, I feel just the same. (Maybe not the singing 🙂 Life has had its struggles but we’ve come through and as long as the health and the pensions hold out, the future looks okay.
    Congratulation on making 70.

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