As Doc would have noted:

Qualities of a real writer: engagement, connection, discipline, curiosity, courage, humility, observation.

What more would you add to the list?

5 thoughts on “WHAT MAKES A TRUE WRITER?

  1. A friend once said that writing is like undressing in public. I don’t know how you would express that in one word. Exhibitionism would definitely not be the appropriate word. But if a writer is trying to share a lesson learned, it is most effective if he/she is willing to describe how he/she learned that lesson. That usually gets us into territory that we really don’t want to talk about.

    1. Good perspective. Even writing a non-personal piece, like a news story, can feel that way, especially if it becomes controversial. Your comment also suggests another discussion, the kind that asks if we want to see our writing published or rather prefer to keep it private.

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