Being mindful of what’s right in front of us can always be a challenge. Here are 10 new items from my end.


  1. How quickly the sun goes down these days. How quickly, darkness descends.
  2. Even if I could read a new novel a day, in a year I could not catch up with a single week of publication. So many good writers! How on earth could I possible keep abreast of them? Recognize names, even? It’s hopeless!
  3. Every autumn I have to be on guard. Take my meds. Something in the air often takes me out, sometimes for a week or two, with something resembling “flu like symptoms” that remains a mystery to my doctors.
  4. Moonlight at the lighthouse: silvery on shimmering surface surrounded by smoky blue.
  5. Sometimes I look at the barn and think of Joseph Albers. All the paintings he made with only three colors, each one a square band within another.
  6. What a wonderful fall tradition, these potted mums! Especially since we have so few flowers left that can be cut and brought indoors. Even the green leaves must feel they’ve overstayed. There’s something tired, browning, even before any blight.
  7. Take care driving the back roads at night. Much wildlife’s out and about roving.
  8. End of the season at York Animal Kingdom comes sharply. The pygmy goats in the pen by the highway are gone, as are the Ferris wheel cars by the beach.
  9. The goldfinches have lost their yellow. How sudden and uniform their molting! Back to winter’s gray duster c0at.
  10. In our autumn foliage, one day can turn everything. Or even overnight.


It's all angles. I love strolling around town.
It’s all angles. I love strolling around town.


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