Why wait for the dust to settle? Here are 10 bullets from my end.


  1. For two weeks each year, those of us who have annual passes to the city’s indoor pool laps are shifted to the Olympic-size outdoor pool instead. At 50 meters, it’s more than twice as long, a length that can be intimidating. Just eight laps outside equals my 18 laps indoors – a half-mile routine. Already there’s a feeling in the air that summer’s over. Yes, most of the flowers have already gone by. Evenings are cool; nightfall, definitely earlier. But the water’s crisp, and it’s fun anticipating the contrails of a jetliner-a-minute headed in or out of Logan down in Boston – even before you get to the soaring eagles.
  2. Reviewing photos of our first years in our house, I find it painful to see how ugly the place was and how much progress we’ve made, still far short of our vision.
  3. What would I be doing if I weren’t blogging?
  4. In Genesis 3 (the second half of the Eden story), mankind loses its connection with (1) each other, (2) the earth, and (3) its God. One more dimension I’ve overlooked in my monograph!
  5. Scratched my arms picking crabapples along the street. They seem to be public property.
  6. A possible title, The Echo to Michigan, comes from overhearing, “We could take the Echo to Michigan.” Even that works better than “Toyoto Echo.”
  7. My oeuvre, written on the run, on the fly? Catch as catch can.
  8. I haven’t really retired but rather switched careers more fully to Quaker and writer. Though it seems there’s still not enough time for either.
  9. Sugar Shoes. (Wherever that came from. Wherever it goes.) Pump up the Prayer Flags.
  10. Just what kind of economic future are these kids facing?


Mill in Berwick, Maine, seen from Somersworth, New Hampshire.
Mill in Berwick, Maine, seen from Somersworth, New Hampshire.


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