ballet dancer en point in imitation of Winged Victory
upholding her billowing banner

long-winged owl in flight

the double-yellow banded highway
entering green Romance

safe and dry before the deluge

will she dive into the pool
or just jump
after posing with her arms outstretched

“overwhelmed” or “swamped” fits the bill better these days

or remains locked up within synapses of thy cranium and heart
the little mysteries complicate our existence
give it minor excitement or turmoil

behind the apricot, white grape, and plum tomato
sake labels

a long flat stone
spans the meandering pond
of a Japanese garden

passing the gift-energy

oh, how you, too, bound eastward

this scream
from cascading streams
together, on fragile new wings
surely left out some news

to find rumors about us subsiding

Poem copyright 2016 by Jnana Hodson
To see the full set of
Partitas, click here.

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