the next afternoon’s commute
some necessary grounding (even for a bird or sunlight

the worst New Hampshire and Massachusetts flooding
since the hurricane of ’38
(10 inches of rain, a record

mostly a funk – everybody in Meeting

“I’m alive but I’m not living”
a quote from Iran

(will the clutter ever end?


the drive north, in desperation / desolation
my heart turning toward the green Old Ways

I’ve always been a night owl

maybe Laurie was the last stop or opportunity
for the glitzy road
Yuppie / Muppie
I seemed to desire

my life now more stripped down, practical, earthy
in Rachel’s manner
compost bins and raised beds
this old house / its endless repairs

let’s go for a swim


sharp light and air
high wispy golden and rose clouds
lots of pale blue
plus the mountains

fresh from the pasture
the herd you keep milking
silage to store for winter
to empty, come spring

in moonlight across my estate

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