Just a taste of what’s popping up. In case you were looking for a prompt.


  1. Hard to believe we’ve entered our 17th summer here. The garden’s looking gorgeous, even stunning, in its simplicity of blocks and clumps rather than straight, unbroken rows. Our soil is so much livelier than it was when we arrived. The house and barn have undergone many renovations, too – with much more remaining on the to-do list. That is to say, this bit of land has become home. I return to the old lesson from Boy Scouts – leave a campsite cleaner than you found it. And she even dares raise the possibility of moving?
  2. Asked when he knows a poem’s finished, Gary Snyder replies: “When I lose interest.” Or I might add, “Energy.” Just what is it in a text that energizes, anyway? Smolders. Seduces. Dances?
  3. The point of my writing fiction, essentially: I want to make sense of all this. Or even some corner.
  4. It’s so clear – so painfully, embarrassingly clear – I’ve needed permission to feel anything. All my emotions, being repressed, generate my mask!
  5. I’ve forgotten how to read an astrological chart. What are all these strange symbols?
  6. After recasting a novel, I recognize a pattern that requires two more sweeps of revision, even after a proof-read. One looks for repeated words that could be changed to synonyms. The other inserts slang and more color.
  7. Nothing like a rainfall to bring forth the dreaded garden slugs.
  8. My psychic color this decade? Barn red! Traditional New England barn red.
  9. You can’t expect a bolt from the blue. (There is a responsibility.)
  10. We need to get praying. Any way we find fitting.


A Purple Line doubledecker awaits departure.
An MBTA Purple Line double-decker awaits its call for departure.

Whenever possible, I love taking Amtrak’s Downeaster to North Station in Boston. Or the C&J bus to South Station. It beats finding parking — expensive parking — in the heart of the city. Alas, most of my forays wind up in the suburbs, where driving makes much more sense.

At South Station, Amrak connects to New York City and points south and west.
At South Station, Amtrak connects to New York City and points south and west.

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