As I would have said at the time: Note to folks living below the Mason-Dixon Line: It’s time to remove the Confederate monuments. They look too much like a sore loser.

Let’s remember, those shafts (at least the ones I’ve seen) have to be offensive to every descendant of every slave in America.

Think of all the German-Americans who never erected Kaiser monuments in honor of their dead kin. Japanese-Americans who could have placed Hiroshima/Nagasaki reminders. Italian-Americans, with Mussolini railroad efficiency. Vietnamese, Native-Americans, French?

It’s one thing to respect the dead, but this has felt defiant. From my view of history, it was a rich man’s war fought by the poor who continued to suffer poverty long after. Including many of my ancestors.

Now, what do I make of the statues of Civil War soldiers found on every town green in New England?

The wounds linger, don’t they.

2 thoughts on “MONUMENTAL ERRORS

  1. I agree! I am a Southerner with 2 ancestors who fought for the Confederacy and one who was a chaplain for a Confederate military unit. However, I think all Confederate flags should go and all monuments be torn down. I am not proud of so-called Southern heritage. It was a shameful past, and it should be acknowledged as such. It’s not easy living here with my views!

    1. It wasn’t easy posting this, even living in New England these days. If we could only find ways for repentance and reconciliation along the lines of those advanced in South Africa and other places of similar violent oppression, we’d be a better — and greater — nation.
      In the meantime, keep praying and practicing those random acts of kindness.

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