These Spirit-based reflections each Friday may seem a world apart from my online postings at Jnana’s Red Barn during the 2016 presidential campaign. One, often outraged, passionate, partisan – the other, an overriding sense of calm good order, even holy desire. They’re not really all that disparate. Rather, they form the flip side of the equation – with hope overcoming despair, no matter any present social malaise. It’s a theme that runs through much of the Bible, besides – just think of the times of exile and return.


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  1. I often find myself in the same position as you, of holding different views at the same time. I liken it to the winds that blow around our planet. Winds at higher levels are way faster and more powerful. Winds closer to the earth may even flow in the opposite direction to those higher up. And higher still of course, we have weightlessness and freedom from the gravity of our heavier thoughts.

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