WATCHING THE FLITTING flashes of my mind, I jot down notes. Many of them later prompt poems or a scene in fiction or a line of thought that later bears fruit.

Some fall by the wayside. Others find development decades later. Consider:

  • Seasons of flight.
  • Seasons of nesting.
  • Seasons of doubt.
  • Seasons of turbulence.
  • Anger, jealousy, hurt, fear.
  • Encountering the demons: the Dark Night journey, melancholy, depression, loss, etc.
  • Seasons of awareness: times when we’re more open to revelation that others. Our usual defenses are stripped away, and we leap into change or retreat into solitude. In the immediate aftermath of divorce, for instance, or a close death.
  • Times of dreaming deeper or in new ways.
  • Seasons of praise and assurance.
  • Seasons out of the spirit: war / greed / oppression and oppressing.

Add to these and amplify them as you wish.


Few are prepared or willing for total immersion in the Spirit. Especially when we’re feeling our lives are already full.

There is reason to fear falling into the hands of a Living God.

This is acknowledged, “Thank God for the good old Church of England. It’s our last line of defense between God and ourselves.” Substitute your own institution or practice, as needed.

Giving, with nothing in return. (So it so often seems … route for burnout.)


Moses and Aaron, confronting graven images:

  • Aha! They’re fleeing sleek Egypt, so visual – they instead use words, an entirely different focus for worship from the image-driven supplication in Egypt.
  • They leave civilization for wilderness, where certain words are carefully repeated.
  • On the lips, from the heart: What we know could become singing.


Or else simply rootless:

  • How do we reach out while being so fragmented?
  • A lack of continuity instills clinging.
  • How will our paths cross more frequently?
  • People come and go, and we make no effort to find out why.
  • Diversity is no strength unless drawn into the circle.
  • A phantom church, with no telephone listing.

Here we go, warbling.


Make sense, as you can:

  • A handcuffed person.
  • Movie night in the meetinghouse: double features, free popcorn: invite the homeschool crowd.
  • Opera orgies … Met broadcasts.

Yes, we want the cost-free pleasures.

The Hebrew lack of first-person personal pronouns – it’s not my house, but the house God has blessed me with or gifted unto me for safe-care.


For more Seasons of the Spirit, click here.



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