Think of our tradition of traveling with a “minute of concern” or of traveling in free-Gospel ministry. So wonderful to revive.

For example:


in my travels, presenting
a minute of introduction and approval
even after a stupefaction
“what are we supposed to do with this?”
I’ll explain
this ancient custom revived

what pleasure to meet others also
in public ministry
and encourage the same


some places their messages will trouble
though many resist

some find
comfort and rest

some hold fast where they wrestle
inwardly and out


as one clerk endorsed my letter after worship
another Friend announced he’d just received
approval to visit fellow scientists in Siberia
and a voice cried out, “Do you have a minute from Meeting?”

and one was drafted
and approved on the spot

as a start . renewed

poem copyright 2016 by Jnana Hodson


Motets 1

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