Because many of my blog pieces on Quaker practice originated as monthly reflections for our Meeting newsletter, it’s natural that they would address some seasonal concerns, especially regarding what’s come to be known as the Holidays.

Over the course of these postings on Quakers and spiritual practice, I’ve touched on the interplay between the deeply personal inward search each Friend conducts and the discipleship we extend to one another. Sometimes this meant encouraging us to turn to the journals of earlier Quakers or their practices; sometimes it has meant looking to other branches of the Society of Friends and other denominations for differences or parallels; sometimes it has suggested we rethink our responses to the larger society or the demands of maintaining our own household and its wealth of talent. These days, as I look at Dover’s committee structure, I find myself seeing it recast as “ministries” – where each of us may grow and blossom through service. Ideally, then, the inward and outward would come together.

Living in northern climates, however, seems to amplify one’s awareness of seasonal change. The dark and cold of winter solstice, and the stretch that comes afterward, present their own lessons. Especially as we appreciate the Light as it enters our lives.


Seasons 1For more on my reflections, click here.


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