• Depends where you are, but the super PACs are a first place to look. Examine the brochures in your mail, too, to see who’s funding them — and whether they have a printers’ union bug (tiny insignia) on them to indicate they were manufactured in the USA. Also, see where they were mailed from. Out-of-state mailings likely reflect out-of-state spending on your regional and local races. Beware.
      Campaign contributions and spending must be reported.
      By the way, while Trump promised to steer clear of donations and fund his campaign himself, that’s not what’s happened — his donors have been subsidizing his own businesses. To me, that’s scandalous.

      • I agree that it is scandalous. On a completely different note, I see today that Comey has reported nothing new was discovered in the recent review of emails. Unfortunately a lot of early votes were cast under the shadow of that very reckless release (possibly politically motivated). I think Mr. Comey should be kicked to the curb. I am not gung ho on HRC but believe she is sane and rational as opposed to her running mate, a narcissistic buffoon.

      • I hope you mean her opposition rival, rather than running mate. Tim Kaine seems all together sane and caring. Other than that, I’m with you. We’ll be wondering for a long time, though, how things ever got like this.

      • Yes, I was referring to her opposition. I think we got “like this”: because some of us took the opportunity to jump on the bandwagon of fear bigotry and hatred.

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