There’s one way to stop those nasty campaign attack ads. Vote FOR the candidate they’re attacking. Remember, there’s a reason the Big Money’s paying for the commercials – and they’re expecting you to repay them. Nip their greed in the bud.


The operative word here, by the way, is nasty. Watch for smear labels that tell you nothing in factual detail.

And be aware, a candidate intent on attacking the rival without upholding his or her own record and thought-out position should be held in great suspicion.

We’re watching a race here in New Hampshire where one candidate is accusing her opponent of failing to achieve changes that she herself stands against. The implication, of course, is that the negative candidate sides with issues that she, in fact, would thwart. I prefer to play straight, rather than twisted like this. You can guess who I’m voting for.

Any examples along these lines in your own districts and states?

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