by Jnana Hodson

In all the charges about Hillary Clinton’s emails, has anyone else wondered just why she’d want to keep the old ones? Don’t know about you, but I’m always deleting mine. In fact, I’m still trying to find a better way to manage my In Boxes as it is. If I don’t respond immediately, a request or suggestion is likely to get buried and neglected, no matter my intent – so I try to keep the deck cleared. Zip and they’re gone.

Yes, I tried to keep appropriate baskets for later reference but then found going back through them, page after page, to be impossible. So I revisited a tip from one of the better bosses in my past. The one who one afternoon invited me to his office to discuss a memo I’d sent him. He looked at it, agreed, and then tossed the sheet into the trash can – we’d resolved the issue and could move on. No need to add more paper to a filing cabinet. In fact, that’s when I noticed he had only two drawers – a bit of streamlining he’d gleaned from some management gurus somewhere. Look, you can handle only so many things on your plate. Especially at one time.

So Hillary had thousands of exchanges? What was she supposed to do, keep them until she’d been hacked there, too? The Russians and Republican peeping toms are everywhere, after all. (Maybe they’re expecting something like my novel Big Inca Versus a New Pony Express Rider?) How much information can you handle and still move — like an NFL quarterback on Sunday afternoon, as Henry Kissinger once explained?

It’s looking more like a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t situation. How could you possibly get anything done, anyway, amid all the clutter? Or, for that matter, how about demanding that those who are howling about any deleted emails release their own exchanges first – including all the missing ones. Tit for tat, anyone?

Actually, it would be quite fascinating to see Donald Trump’s exchanges, compounded by Paul Ryan’s and Newt’s and … Oh, for the hypocrisy!