Hearing the allegations flung at Hillary Clinton, I keep wanting Donald Trump and his camp to look in the mirror. So much sounds like psychological projection, where you cast your faults on others.

Remember, for instance, New York magazine has declared Donald J. Trump the most corrupt presidential nominee ever – worse than Ulysses S. Grant, Warren G. Harding, Richard Nixon, George W. “Halliburton” Bush, Ronald Reagan (who has the most indictments and convictions, by the way), James Garfield … what a list of Republicans! And yet they complain about Mrs. Clinton? Gimme a break!

Of course, when it comes to worst president ever, the trumpeting elephants blithely blare another name or two, ignoring the harsher reality. Eight years ago we were mired down in two wars, one of them launched with no justification, and were moments away from global financial collapse into another Great Depression … and despite unparalleled obstructionism from the GOP, we’ve had a president who has restored the economy and reduced the military burden.

Maybe that mud’s turning into quicksand. Just where are they standing, anyway?



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