One lesson we should have learned from Watergate is that inside information from a  rival’s political campaign can be used to wreak havoc in the democratic process. If you know their plans, you can thwart them. It’s like knowing your opponent’s hand when you’re playing poker. The burglary, after all, stole from the Democratic Party headquarters and involved former CIA spooks. And it’s all a high-stakes game.

When the plot unraveled, it was enough to bring down a sitting president. A crooked president, at that.

The WikiLeaks thefts, by Russian spies, is far worse. No matter what they turn up, their goal is to undermine an American election in the Kremlin’s favor. You know, the kind of nightmare the right-wing used to warn us against in screaming about the threat of the Kremlin and left-wing pinkos. I just wish those folks in the Trump camp would hear that warning more clearly, rushing up behind them.



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