by Jnana Hodson

To date, all of the Republican challenges to Hillary Clinton’s activities have amounted to nothing other than the squandering of millions of taxpayers’ money.  Over the years, in fact, it’s often appeared the worst they can come up with is to accuse her of minor-league shenanigans of a routinely Republican sort.

Even after their witch hunts and kangaroo courts, though, that hasn’t stopped them from counting to howl for renewed investigations.

Still, there’s always a lingering nervously that something might still blow up along the way, and that leads to a fresh bit of speculation.

What if she withdrew from the race?

Left Tim Kaine as the party’s presidential nominee and, try this one on, Bernie Sanders running in the veep spot.

Kaine has none of the negatives Hillary carries, so the entire dynamic of the campaign would shift. Bernie would inject fresh enthusiasm into the race and deflate Jill Stein’s Green Party, as well.

Believe me, Donald Trump’s camp would be left spinning trying to adjust to the changes.


Think, too, down the pike and whether a Kaine presidency could erode the anticipated disrespect and outright contempt a Hillary Clinton White House would face as the far right-wing continues its hostility to the Obama legacy. The racist and sexist cards couldn’t be played, for certain. It would be curious to see just what the haters would be left with.