As the calls for Donald Trump to withdraw intensify, we can speculate on the dimensions of a Mike Pence run for the White House.

The reality is that the former governor of Indiana is more qualified for public office than Trump – not only was he chief executive of a $31 billion budget, about six times Trump’s estimated worth, he’s run political campaigns and won, which is more than can be said for the Trumpster, a pitiful novice.

Bland as he is, and with all of the baggage he carries from his terms as a Hoosier politician, the question would be whether Pence could reclaim enough votes from the Republican exodus to beat Hillary Clinton. Would he be too tarnished by his association with Trump – and the reality that he was Trump’s third choice, after Chris Christie and John Kasich? Think of all the high-ranking Republicans who have already endorsed Clinton. That would make for a lot of backtracking.

Or would he appeal only to the aging white males who are the last stand of the GOP? For that matter, would they even remain or abandon the cause altogether, now that their buffoon ranting head has abandoned them?

Equally intriguing would be the thinking within the Clinton campaign. How would her team retool its ads and strategy in reaction? Can Pence move deftly enough to escape the inevitable bee stings or poisoned arrows? Does he have any foreign policy expertise to counter hers? As senator from New York, she can easily match his command of domestic policy. I’d say he’s vulnerable on both fronts. At the moment, the presidential race has come down to a rejection of Trump more than an affirmation of Clinton, who lacks the enthusiastic following Bernie Sanders engendered, definitely. In the end, I keep looking at Clinton as the qualified boss I’d like at the head of the operation, no matter how I feel about her personally. Dating, were it an option, would be out of the question. That seems to reflect much of the energy I’m seeing around me. Besides, Scorpio and Aquarius are in opposition. As she finds in her husband’s Leo.

Put another way, Pence is a lot less sexy than Clinton, even when we’re not talking about marriage or fidelity.

Well, that brings up the question of Trump’s withdrawing. As in withering, otherwise known as going flat. Since he’s the one who slipped his schlong into public discussion back when, this only seems fair, even before the anarchist statues.

Now, should we mention the Yiddish term schmuck?

Well, as I was saying? Where is Bernie, anyway?



  1. I can’t see Trump withdrawing – too much ego involved. But if it were to happen, Pence would need a running mate. Just imagine Condoleeza Rice in the number two slot – the Democrats would never recover.

    • Makes for an intriguing lineup. Do we really know that much about her? But just think, a Secretary of State running against a Secretary of State … two women, at that. Wanna talk about firsts?

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