“Just Shut It Down,” as the Huffington Post headlined its link to the New York Times report on the Clinton Foundation’s international dealings. As the Times’ investigation published this weekend explained, “Foundation Ties Bedevil Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign.”

Well, we are bound to controversy arising from a conflux of money, sexual rights, and power here, one way or another, even if the Clintons weren’t involved. Big finances are typically a touchy and often tangled subject. Still, no matter how noble some of its causes or programs, the foundation casts an inky shadow on Hillary’s presidential ambitions as a result of the potential political access its large donors may gain in return for their largess. It’s especially troubling when the contributors are nations the State Department has criticized for their records on sex discrimination and other civil rights issues.

The Clintons are likely to get nowhere in their attempts to justify their decisions and actions regarding the foundation. Explanations will simply fuel more suspicions. Best to break the ties, now – fast. Do it right, and Hillary will look statesmanlike. Besides, she’d be daring Trump to do something equally as brave and self-effacing, knowing full well he won’t or can’t. One move and she’d break free from the controversy, make its contentions past history, show she can make a bold move as a declaration of freedom and trustworthiness. Her critics would be reduced to pitiful whimpering.

Besides, now that the Clintons are free from their legal debts inflicted by the Republicans’ impeachment efforts, Bill and Hillary don’t really need the income, do they? They should be well off as is, especially if they return to the White House residence early next year.

I have no idea of the mechanics involved in shutting down a foundation or transferring its assets, but there must be guidelines. Let’s keep our eyes open for the upcoming stories.


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