Has anyone else concluded Donald J. Trump doesn’t want to be president?

No, not quite the way we’ve been hearing from some quarters.

Rather, he wants to be czar?

Just look at all those Russian connections …



  1. He wants to be “The Most Powerful Man on Earth” How did narciss die? Fall into the pond looking at his refection

  2. He might make a good Ivan the Terrible. I’ve heard commentators here and there suggesting in all seriousness that he many not actually want to win and only took part in the election to keep his name in the public eye. I don’t know. With Donald Trump, it’s impossible to know what to believe.

  3. Let’s hope he doesn’t look as shocked as Boris Johnson did when 1 million more Brits voted for his Brexit campaign. Let’s hope there are enough of you in the USA to let the rest of the world breathe again!

  4. The Shoah must go on!
    Trump’s ties to Russia may speak volumes, but his support to the phoney ‘Israel’ is more disturbing in one sentence than The volumes written in Russo-American. I am not the only one seeing dual citizenship in Congress abound and empowered ( Israel- American) Trump, Clinton, Third party..doesn’t matter. The same power brokers are in charge and isRAel= RA is el, will not rest until it’s phoney Jew (edomites) conquor the middle east and divert all resources and channel them through the new capitol of the world, IsRAel. And if…IF…one thinks they have seen the last of Obama… Caveat!

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