by Jnana Hodson

Been reflecting on the great irony of Fox television’s bias toward right-wing candidates who wrap themselves in a nostalgic image of a nation back before, well, 1960. That is, before the network began spewing its vulgarity into American living rooms and lowering the standards of civilized conversation with language and situations that never before would have been allowed in polite company, much less its propaganda wing of the Republican establishment.

In other words, Fox has been a big part of the problem. Would the solution be to pull the plug? Do it themselves, to clear their conscience? Just wondering.

I’m tired of hearing so-called liberal media take the blame. And please don’t accuse Norman Lear and his societal comedies. They’re downright uplifting by comparison.

It would be fascinating, by the way, to get Archie Bunker’s take on Don “the Con” Trump. I’m guessing even he would see through the shill. Maybe in tandem with George Jefferson, at the bar? I’d drink to that.