To those who proclaim “All lives matter,” I want to retort, “Good, now let’s put it to the test. Does that mean cops can start shooting at you and yours willy-nilly?”

If you’re not appalled by the stream of news reports of police shootings of innocent blacks, you’re not listening. All lives are not given equal respect in American society, as the shootings are proving. All lives cannot matter as long as this inequality continues. This has to stop – it’s intolerable in a just society. To ignore this, we together need to fix the problem where it exists – sometimes, dare we say, where it’s been sanctioned.

Let’s be blunt. Black lives, we must insist, have not mattered when it comes to too many officers with guns. We’re hearing too many stories from too many law-abiding citizens who have too many reasons to fear officers and others acting on flimsy premises. It’s bound to fan panic and, unfortunately, ugly reactions.

The officers, in turn, are at risk from the availability of handguns and military rifles. Let’s be blunt. For the arms-ownership crowd, we need to advise, “Watch out how you embrace the Second Amendment, because one interpretation does indeed put public officials at risk.” It’s one reason I insist on the “well regulated” part of that amendment, the crucial phrase that’s currently overlooked.

It’s time to face reality and facts, rather than continue the smug ignorance. For all of the heated bombast about foreign terrorists, the biggest threat to any sense of personal security in America these days is domestic. I’d put people toting guns in public as the No. 1 reason. Where has any of that recognition been admitted in the GOP speeches? Or of that from those toting guns?

Yes, black lives matter. Start there, where the omission seems greatest, in assuring that all lives matter.


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