As the voice across the room says of Donald Trump’s 75-minute nomination acceptance speech, the longest in American history: His is not the America I know.

Maybe that’s how it looks to someone whose billions came from his parents and casinos, but to real working Americans?

Ours is not a place overrun with fear and loathing. We’re not rich in worldly terms, barely middle-class, in fact, but we have good friends, neighbors, an adequate income, a comfortable house, health care, decent folks as our police and firefighters; we can talk to our elected officials, the downtown has rebounded into a charming district, we even feel safe in our frequent visits to Boston.

Not that things are perfect. We are appalled by the police shootings of innocent American black citizens, as well as the shooting of police officers themselves, but that’s a consequence of the current interpretation of the Second Amendment, nothing we can blame on the Democrats. And we are appalled by the redistribution of wealth from the middle-class to the richest one percent of the population, but that, too, points to Republican decisions. And that’s before we get to climate change, which the Republicans won’t even admit is happening, much less that its causes can be mitigated. In other words, those who won’t even admit they created the problem aren’t those I’d trust to correct it. Yes, things could be better — much better — but we know there have always been problems.

Trump-Pence keep portraying as America as broken, but from everything I’ve seen, the country’s in much better shape than it was when the Bush-Cheney squad left the White House. And, let’s be clear, for the past eight years Republicans have done everything they can to sabotage that economic and societal turnaround. In fact, for a list of the biggest troubles and their solutions, you need to listen to Bernie Sanders rather than billionaire Trump. When it comes to fixing anything — other than in an underhanded fashion — Trump remains clueless.

If I take my car in for service, I want a mechanic who can diagnose the condition correctly before I’ll allow him to touch anything more. I don’t want him messing with the brakes if the problem’s really the latch to the trunk. I don’t want to be paying to rip good parts away or to do anything that makes the situation worse. You know what to call folks like that.

Bottom line? The Trump-Pence promises are empty, based on largely campaign-manufactured problems.

By the way, demonizing three-quarters of the population is no way to “make America one again” unless, of course, they unite in response — then you might say Trump-Pence has made the majority one again. Just not the way or the agenda Trump-Pence envisioned.

Last night will remain a dark moment in American history. But we’re praying for Light.


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