So it looks like Donald Trump is going with Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate, rather than his hairstylist, as I previously predicted. For now, I’ll stick with “looks like” for the simple reason that Trump is known to flipflop endlessly and loves to cry out, “You’re fired!” Besides, nothing’s set until the convention votes.

More fascinating to watch in the short term is what happens with rumored bridesmaids New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Will Trump file suit against them on some pretext? The mere figure he’d name would be telling or at least amusing. Will they even stick with him in the coming campaign, or will they distance themselves in the name of preserving whatever political capital they assume they still possess? Yes, the glamor of being courted must have been intoxicating, but the rejection would seem to seal their careers as passe and outdated. Tarnished. Well, used merchandise, as folks used to say, back in the constipated era Trump keeps invoking.

As for Pence? All eyes are watching. Well, maybe not at the convention. That part of the story suspense has already been spoiled. There go the ratings. Maybe the networks will interrupt with some big announcement from Hillary Clinton or, better yet, President Obama. Just what was Trump thinking, anyway? Maybe he wasn’t such a great television genius after all. Or does he have some “reality” shtick still up his sleeve?

Pence, uh? Like Trump-Pence? Well, I have been running this year with a political theme of “Trumpets of the Coming Storm,” based on a line by John Greenleaf Whittier. Maybe now it morphs into “Trump-Pence of the Coming Storm.” Or “two pence,” as in cheap.



  1. CNN has confirmed Trump called Pence and he accepted. MSNBC just reported Trump canceled tomorrow’s news conference about that because of the attack on Nice France – according to a tweet from Trump.

      • I use a 13-inch TV and my HP Notebook on my desk, and a 26-inch TV off to the side, to monitor various news sources. Sky News via Fox News (FNC) was first to report the Nice France attack as I watched on my 13-inch. I turned on the 26-inch first to CNN as it switched from Trump VP coverage to the attack, but then went to a commercial, so I switched to MSNBC then on the attack and trying to switch between Trump VP coverage. Then FNC went back to normal programming breaking away from Trump and the attack, so I switched to CNN done with its commercial. Meantime checking various sources via my HP Notebook. After Trump was interviewed on FNC via phone when FNC got back to it, Clinton was interviewed via phone first on FNC and then on CNN – if she was then on MSNBC I didn’t catch it. Her response to the attack as well as to ISIS and terrorism in general has surprisingly turned out to be very different from Obama’s pussyfooting around it, Trump’s bull in a China shop approach, and Johnson’s retreat plan. On this issue only, for the first time ever, Clinton sounded presidential and able to be commander-in-chief. Not enough – this one issue – to cause me to vote for her. Obama gave his usual response, Trump still talking out of his rear end, and I can guess Johnson’s response if he were to make one (being less than Obama). What a mess Election 2016 is for least of three evils, and mainstream news coverage just fans the flames. By the way, as timely now as it was when it was new, JibJab’s “What We Call the News” short video

      • You really are on top of things. Thanks for the detailed analysis.
        At the time, I was sitting down over beers with a fellow novelist as we discussed our works-in-progress, a much slower pace.
        How do we balance all of the elements in our lives, anyway?

  2. And here’s one of the major issues Trump has promised to fix. I think I actually saw that guy (in the video) at Walmart recently – well they all looked like him – and I nearly ended up like that as better than nothing. JibJab got this one right too, “Big Box Mart”

  3. the bridesmaids…that is GOOD!!! Christie with his “pick me! pick me!” promotion, and now he settles on a bible-thumper? Just what we need. Maybe it’s just that Trump wants to make sure his VP doesn’t know more than he does about the world. At least with Gingrich we know what to expect…experience of sorts, and he does have a brain and some savvy, even if…..well, you know…. Trump-Pence! How cool is that ? 🙂

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