The other day, as we returned to our car in the supermarket parking lot, my wife noticed a small magnetic tag stuck to the back fender. It said:


So you support a Socialist. This means you …

  1. Are stupid. (Which can’t be cured.)
  2. Have been duped, indoctrinated or brainwashed (curable!)
  3. Actually believe in class warfare, entitlement mentality or the failed concepts of Collectivism, Marxism, etc. (which makes you a domestic enemy of the Constitution & the USA)
  4. Are ignorant of the facts – which are readily available. …


Others were amused by this reaction to my Bernie sticker, but I find myself quietly enraged on so many fronts it’s hard to know where to begin.

The utter ignorance and arrogance of this SOB are the first things to fuel my fire. How dare he call me stupid? How dare he assume any of my beliefs, actually? How dare he try to silence my right of free speech and, I’ll add, religion! How dare he call me an enemy of the Constitution?

I’m deeply bothered by the way he smears one word into other concepts with no room for clarity of definition or precise thinking. Supporting a democratic-socialist does not make me one, any more than supporting a reasonable Republican candidate would make me a racist, gun-totin’ warmonger or right-wing nut job. I see through both Marxism, on one side, and the multinational corporate conglomerates now ruling the world, on the other. (I could claim a college minor in economics, by the way. How about him?) (Oh, my, why do I assume the offender’s male?) And, yes, I do support some collective action – the way politically conservative apple growers in Washington state long ago banded together for united marketing and quality control, as well as the federal water system they realize is essential for their precious irrigation.

As for his “facts,” he could use a class about the perils of propaganda. If anyone’s been brainwashed, duped, or indoctrinated, he should look himself in the mirror. Which leads to an even bigger issue.

There’s no room for discussion in his limited, fear-driven, ideological mindset. He’s cornered in a box. There’s no way to admit error or correct a course of action or even see whose pawn he’s become.

There are times I fear for the Republic, where threats to liberty keep rising from his side of the spectrum.

That’s why I have the Bernie sticker.


By the way, I’ve read my Bible, complete. Leviticus 25:10 (inscribed on the Liberty Bell) is guilty of all of his charges regarding the redistribution of wealth. (Jubilee is the redistribution of all wealth every 50 years.) Or leap ahead to Jesus telling the rich young man to sell all he has and give it away (Matthew 19: 16-24 and Mark 10: 17-31). Argue with God, if you can. But watch what you accuse the Holy One of being. Good luck.




  1. Also, what a coward. To leave an anonymous rant? It’s like most of the comments sections in the blog world but in real life. If you can’t say it in a public forum with real humans in front of you, that should give you pause.

  2. “Others were amused by this reaction to my Bernie sticker, but I find myself quietly enraged on so many fronts it’s hard to know where to begin.”

    Jnana, I love this paragraph. Thank you for a real thinker of a post!

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