Donald Trump’s refusal to release his income-tax filings naturally spurs suspicions. What’s he trying to hide? What’s he afraid they’ll show?

What, you think he’s squeaky clean? Please! The fact-checkers have found little in his outrageous claims that’s really true. We don’t need a liar-in-chief, we need someone we can trust.

So Trump’s financial dealings are bound to be fair game as the campaign spirals on.

For one thing, they give us a clearer view of how a candidate handles money. The Obamas, as we discovered, are really quite frugal, even conservative. Trump, on the other hand, seems to employ a lot of sleight-of-hand, as his loans-to-donations-to-himself demonstrate. (How many times can you count the same dollar, anyway?)

Well, we can assume the accountant-types will have a feast with whatever is there, as will the tax experts and financial gurus and businessmen large and small.

In the meantime, it’s fodder for the pundits.

Among the possible reasons Trump won’t release his income-tax filings? Are there clues to indicate:

  • He’s not worth nearly as much as he claims …
  • The Clintons have more liquidity than he does …
  • Bernie’s right about billionaires as welfare queens … and right about how to fix that …
  • He’s dependent on government subsidies. Or even, that’s all he paid …
  • He’s hoping campaign contributions would provide sufficient cash-flow for him to avoid personal bankruptcy …
  • Just how much are his lawsuits costing him, anyway …
  • Just how low are the returns on his enterprises …
  • What’s he writing off as charity …
  • He says these are deductible expenses …
  • He’s playing the Wizard of Oz.

Well, right or wrong, it’s a start. The facts will either support his claims or knock them flat.

Any other wags want to weigh in?



  1. Several TV political pundits have speculated that he ran for office as a money making scheme, pure and simple. If one looks at his campaign expenditures a massive amount of it is being funneled right back into his businesses.

    He’s a classic narcissist. I was married to one for 12 long years and I know all the signs. They always exaggerate about everything. It wasn’t a long day…it was the longest day in the history of the planet. It wasn’t just an expensive dinner…it was the most expensive dinner I have ever ate. I think he exaggerates his fortune. I think he exaggerates how well his businesses are doing. I also think the Trump brand just isn’t what it used to be. The TV show probably saved him from more financial disaster. He’s from the 80s…the era of bigger is better and plate everything in gold.

    The fact that he is now being forced to fundraise, instead of supposedly self-funding says an awful lot. If he had all the money he says he has…he wouldn’t need to ask for money. Part of his initial appeal was that he was going to self-fund his entire campaign! So he couldn’t “be bought”. I wonder how all his followers justify this complete about face.

    We aren’t going to see his tax returns until after November, if ever. Not going to happen.


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